Jan - 09 2017

My email has been blowing up with concern over what happened to me. I found myself in the hospital and then hiding from the ugly world around us. I rather not go into detail just yet, as things are still settling, so I will leave you guys with this: The man I thought I loved, […]

All I ever wanted and things I never knew I needed

Aug - 25 2016

I met Alex June 5th of this year. When we first started talking back May I was honestly pretty certain we wouldn’t ever be dating because he doesn’t eat gluten. I thoroughly enjoy my pastas and breads though. I was convinced it would never happen. After an exhausting day at my nieces birthday party, I […]

Life moves on

Aug - 25 2016

Quick note on Alan, far as I know he’s burned every bridge available to him outside of his family. I hope his girls are well having been through all this with their dad. I have long closed that chapter of my life. I started dating again and boy did I date some interesting types. The […]

Rhett Butler

May - 25 2016

April 19th 2016 our beloved Rhett Butler was hit by a car. Rhett liked long cuddles on the couch, dry food, warmth, and exploration of our property. Rhett Butler hated big dogs, wet food, fish, catnip, lasers and moving vehicles. Rhett is survived by his sister Scarlett, his son Ciel Phantomhive, and close family friends Sammy and Piper. […]

Pedo-Perry NSFW (Images)

Aug - 30 2015

You are all expecting the story to come from Athena, but she has decided not to continue the pedo-Perry story. I asked to take it on, because I have had nothing to write about. I put my reporter panties on and got to work finding out what exactly happened with Perry and this young girl. […]

Quickly Now…

Aug - 29 2015

I am on a much needed vacation this week, but I got word from a friend that tried to befriend Perry that he’s not only sent pornographic images of himself to a minor, but also started making threats if she ever told anybody. This coming on the cusp of his son Alan’s release. I will […]

My Best Friend

May - 07 2015

It’s rare today; to meet somebody with the ability to care for a person wholeheartedly. It seems like so many in today’s society are out for themselves, and the sense of community and kindness have been thrown out. They are being considered weak or desperate for companionship because they will more often than not put […]

Sadness and Hope

May - 02 2015

I am kind of sad today. I finished a letter to Alan this afternoon, repeating myself about it being over since it didn’t seem to penetrate his head the first two times. Third times the charm, right? I have come across as angry with him, and as if I have no positive feelings toward him. […]


Apr - 20 2015

You know those viral articles that fly around Facebook with snippets of douches from dating sites that can’t handle a no? I never really believed them. I had never come across one of them; ever, likely due to myself staying near my religious roots when exploring the fish pond. That was until Athena volunteered to […]

Sociopath Sadness

Apr - 20 2015

Sociopath. One of the many words swimming in my head as I read the letter from Alan today. Others include; illiterate, moron, insane, funny, sad, but mostly just a sociopath. The big thing I found interesting is the “you have done nothing positive for my life”. I have to stifle a laugh even as I […]

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