All I ever wanted and things I never knew I needed

Aug - 25 2016

I met Alex June 5th of this year. When we first started talking back May I was honestly pretty certain we wouldn’t ever be dating because he doesn’t eat gluten. I thoroughly enjoy my pastas and breads though. I was convinced it would never happen. After an exhausting day at my nieces birthday party, I […]

Life moves on

Aug - 25 2016

Quick note on Alan, far as I know he’s burned every bridge available to him outside of his family. I hope his girls are well having been through all this with their dad. I have long closed that chapter of my life. I started dating again and boy did I date some interesting types. The […]

Alan returns to the world

Sep - 02 2015

As you all now know, Alan is in the world again. I wish I could say I don’t care, and I didn’t expect to really care all THAT much, but when I got home from a vacation I took specifically to be far from town and not thinking about his release from jail, I realized […]

Pedo-Perry NSFW (Images)

Aug - 30 2015

You are all expecting the story to come from Athena, but she has decided not to continue the pedo-Perry story. I asked to take it on, because I have had nothing to write about. I put my reporter panties on and got to work finding out what exactly happened with Perry and this young girl. […]

Sadness and Hope

May - 02 2015

I am kind of sad today. I finished a letter to Alan this afternoon, repeating myself about it being over since it didn’t seem to penetrate his head the first two times. Third times the charm, right? I have come across as angry with him, and as if I have no positive feelings toward him. […]

Sociopath Sadness

Apr - 20 2015

Sociopath. One of the many words swimming in my head as I read the letter from Alan today. Others include; illiterate, moron, insane, funny, sad, but mostly just a sociopath. The big thing I found interesting is the “you have done nothing positive for my life”. I have to stifle a laugh even as I […]

Barking up the wrong tree

Apr - 03 2015

I got the letter I expected to get days ago; from Alan. So there it is. No question about who wrote it. As you know I took down the post I originally wrote and only yesterday did it find its way back onto the published pieces. I did it because I wasn’t ready. I am […]

He says he isn’t a sociopath…

Apr - 01 2015

I got a letter today from the jail Alan is housed. It wasn’t from Alan. It was from somebody else; another inmate. I wrote to Alan last week, telling him I was ending the relationship, he hadn’t said a word in over a month, and with that time to think, I realized I was not […]


Mar - 29 2015

I have changed the previous post by me to PRIVATE. I know it has given many of you a glimpse from another angle, but I need to rethink my route. I wrote it and posted without much thought as to what it will do to Alan. I may decide on returning it to it’s previous […]

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Alan~ By Athena “S”

Mar - 25 2015

It’s my turn to give my thoughts. These are my thoughts. The cold facts are that he violated a restraining order 30+ times on more than one occasion in 2014 he was arrested 3 times, the third being shortly after we met. (I didn’t know then he was fresh out of jail the second time). […]

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