Alan returns to the world

Sep - 02 2015

As you all now know, Alan is in the world again. I wish I could say I don’t care, and I didn’t expect to really care all THAT much, but when I got home from a vacation I took specifically to be far from town and not thinking about his release from jail, I realized […]


Apr - 20 2015

You know those viral articles that fly around Facebook with snippets of douches from dating sites that can’t handle a no? I never really believed them. I had never come across one of them; ever, likely due to myself staying near my religious roots when exploring the fish pond. That was until Athena volunteered to […]

Barking up the wrong tree

Apr - 03 2015

I got the letter I expected to get days ago; from Alan. So there it is. No question about who wrote it. As you know I took down the post I originally wrote and only yesterday did it find its way back onto the published pieces. I did it because I wasn’t ready. I am […]

Something about a rotten apple

Mar - 14 2015

So as promised I am posting this. The recipient asked for her name removed for now. Privacy is important here for innocent parties. I have included the email sent to me from who we shall just call “S”. A man well into his 60’s, from what we can tell, and he goes after a woman […]