Mar - 29 2015

I have changed the previous post by me to PRIVATE. I know it has given many of you a glimpse from another angle, but I need to rethink my route. I wrote it and posted without much thought as to what it will do to Alan. I may decide on returning it to it’s previous […]

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Alan~ By Athena “S”

Mar - 25 2015

It’s my turn to give my thoughts. These are my thoughts. The cold facts are that he violated a restraining order 30+ times on more than one occasion in 2014 he was arrested 3 times, the third being shortly after we met. (I didn’t know then he was fresh out of jail the second time). […]

Something about a rotten apple

Mar - 14 2015

So as promised I am posting this. The recipient asked for her name removed for now. Privacy is important here for innocent parties. I have included the email sent to me from who we shall just call “S”. A man well into his 60’s, from what we can tell, and he goes after a woman […]

What’s next? How about…

Mar - 13 2015

A preview of what’s in store for my readers next. I was asked to share this story and include my own thoughts. I am always willing to help a friend, and this blog needs some action (no pun intended). I will include the full conversation after editing; for legal purposes. (Although, if I had a […]