Apr - 20 2015

You know those viral articles that fly around Facebook with snippets of douches from dating sites that can’t handle a no? I never really believed them. I had never come across one of them; ever, likely due to myself staying near my religious roots when exploring the fish pond. That was until Athena volunteered to […]

Sociopath Sadness

Apr - 20 2015

Sociopath. One of the many words swimming in my head as I read the letter from Alan today. Others include; illiterate, moron, insane, funny, sad, but mostly just a sociopath. The big thing I found interesting is the “you have done nothing positive for my life”. I have to stifle a laugh even as I […]

Rant April 9th

Apr - 10 2015

Facebook; the new friendship keeper. I enjoy Facebook, it’s a great way to share and be heard, or to find somebody you haven’t seen in years. The problem is, and yes I know it’s been said before, we are losing the attachment to the real friends. Everything is so impersonal on Facebook. Aside form being […]


Apr - 06 2015

I have been really busy with my life and apologize for my absence. I hope Athena is keeping you all entertained. She seems to be more active on this than me. I will be back when things slow down again.

Wrong Turn: Last Resort

Apr - 04 2015

I sent my little boy off to school and thought I should finally watch this movie I rented from Redbox since it was clearly not for children based on the cover. Well, I have few words. What the f*ck did I watch? This is movie 6 of the series, and knowing nothing of the previous […]

Barking up the wrong tree

Apr - 03 2015

I got the letter I expected to get days ago; from Alan. So there it is. No question about who wrote it. As you know I took down the post I originally wrote and only yesterday did it find its way back onto the published pieces. I did it because I wasn’t ready. I am […]

He says he isn’t a sociopath…

Apr - 01 2015

I got a letter today from the jail Alan is housed. It wasn’t from Alan. It was from somebody else; another inmate. I wrote to Alan last week, telling him I was ending the relationship, he hadn’t said a word in over a month, and with that time to think, I realized I was not […]