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Quick note on Alan, far as I know he’s burned every bridge available to him outside of his family. I hope his girls are well having been through all this with their dad. I have long closed that chapter of my life.
I started dating again and boy did I date some interesting types.
The first time out after Alan I met Lee. He was the first person I had ever met that was a bigger nerd than me. I struggled letting myself trust him, but he was patient and kind every step of the way. Lee introduced me to anime. I am now a fan of Bleach, Black Butler, Sword Art Online, Ajin, and misc other anime. Lee and I didn’t work out as a romantic couple, but we’ve become great friends and I am not ashamed to admit to loving him. He has shown me healthier ways to handle life’s upsets. He was exactly the kind of person I never knew I needed in my life.
After Lee came Aaron, Eric, and Gabrial.
Aaron and I have stayed somewhat friends, but I have kept my distance because Aaron seems to be an Achilles heel for me (though I haven’t seen him in months now). Aaron is what I fondly refer to as my real-life Wil Wheaton. He is nerdy and way too good looking if you ask me. Then again he looks like Wil Wheaton and I have had a thing for Wheaton since he played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek circa; 1990s.

Eric and Gabriel are memorable for a lot of reasons, none of which are very good. Gabe and Eric both take their belief system to a level that contradicts the whole thing. Gabe “broke-up” with me because I was too great a temptation. Mind you it never went beyond a kiss. While Eric was just radically into a belief system he swore was not a church and insisted everybody else believe in. Needless to say that didn’t go past a date.
Something I noticed of both of them though, they lacked experience in the dating world. They both were (especially Eric) stunted. Their knowledge didn’t develop past high school mentality.

When it came time to go back out again I met Matt, Kenny, and Jay.
Matt was friend zoned early on. I felt more protective of him like a sister to a brother than romantically attracted. He didn’t take that well and we haven’t really spoken much.
Jay and I hit it off and dated for a time; exclusively. We discovered what a small world it is when one of his co-worker friends was the close neighbor and friend to my biological parents when I was born. Jay left when I had gone into a depressive state and left me further crushed.
That’s how Kenny came into play. I couldn’t handle life and had intended to fly away to escape. As I was heading for the airport Kenny convinced me not to. He showed up with cigarettes and a shoulder to cry on. We agreed to have a strictly friends with benefits relationship. He was the reason I was able to get back up again after Jay broke my heart into a million pieces. It was my first true no-strings-attached relationship and it worked for a time, but I started developing feelings for Kenny, so I decided it was time to start dating again because I knew Kenny wasn’t in the same place. Kenny and I have stayed friends, he has stayed a good friend, and I genuinely hope he finds somebody he can treasure and who will treasure him for the man I see buried deep in his macho façade.
The last man I dated before changing gears here to the main event; Brandon.
Brandon made Lee look like a basic Pokémon fanboy. Brandon took nerd to a level I have never seen in real life. Brandon is a furry. Yes, one of those types that believes they are really an animal and will dress up as said animal and conduct “cuddle piles”. Brandon as a good heart, and I think he’ll find somebody, but I was not that somebody.
Now, where am I today? Well I am with the right person; finally.
Instead of writing about him here I am going to give him his own post; doesn’t feel right putting him with my past encounters.

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  1. Alice says:

    I have never met a bigger whore! <3 Your heart is too big! Ugh I am just glad you got over Alan. That dude was BAD and not in a good bad-boy way. I've heard more rumors about him lately too from Joey.

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